ClubWPT Bonus Code

If you are reading this page, you are looking for the best ClubWPT Bonus Code. We all know that most of traditional poker rooms with deposit system allow player to enter special word or phrase to get some bonuses. This is a pretty standard procedure. It looks like you are also looking for an opportunity to get something valuable. Congratulations, you are in the right place! This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

When you create a new account at ClubWPT use Bonus Code VIPCLUB at the first step and you will be allowed to get free 2 Week Trial. If you need detailed sign-up instructions navigate to the Download page.

Why there is no Deposit Promotion?

You probably expected to get the code for deposit bonus... But there is no such promotion at WPT Club! The reason ClubWPT doesn’t offer any deposit promotions is because the room is subscription based. Traditional poker rooms allow entering code and getting 100% extra cash for this. Have you ever seen something like: “Enter SOMETHING and get 100% up to $500 extra for free!”

But if you are familiar with how WPT Club operates, you know that there are no deposits there. You pay monthly fee, receive special points in return and play. Such system may look strange, but it works great! You can read more about this in our Membership Plans Guide. That means the room can’t offer you extra cash for playing poker. They just don’t have deposit system for this!

There is no deposit bonus, but don't get upset. Register using the link below and you will be offered to get 2 weeks of Free Trial access. It’s an equivalent of deposit promotion, but on our opinion it is much better. Traditional rooms give you deposit bonus in order to provide you with extra funds for playing. But you have to "clear" it in order to withdraw. ClubWPT gives you temporary VIP access for free! You become premium member and all your winnings during this period can be withdrawn. You don't need to "clear" anything.

» Click HERE to get FREE 2 week Trial «

No costs, no risk!

ClubWPT has 2 membership plans: Basic and VIP. Basic plan is default for all newcomers. It allows to participate in "play money" games only. Every new player gets this status by default. VIP membership is much better. It gives you opportunity to access all games and services, but you have to pay monthly fee in order to stay VIP. Use our bonus code and you will get VIP membership for 2 weeks at a zero cost!

It’s a brilliant offer. We always recommend all players to start from our Free trial and there are some reasons for it.

  • You don’t pay for this. Just enter bonus code during registration and get benefits without any obligations and fees.
  • A player does not have restrictions during the trial period. So it is a great opportunity to understand what WPT Poker Club is. “No Restrictions” means that all club services and poker games are available.
  • Trial Period is a 2 week equivalent of full VIP membership. You will experience all offers of the Poker Room.
  • You will not be forced to buy full membership after the trials is over. If you don’t want to continue, you are free to go as Basic member again.

You can use this 2 week trial to get familiar with the club. After the trial period is over you will know what you are going to pay for. Trial membership does not require any payments from you. You will be asked to choose to buy or not to buy full membership at the end of the period. If you like ClubWPT you will be able to continue as VIP, but if you choose to return to Basic nobody will force you to pay. This promotion was made to give players free chance to see all the benefits they can receive from upgrading to VIP.

Use ClubWPT bonus code VIPCLUB and claim Free Trial now! It is a risk free deal. You receive a lot without paying anything.

If you like the club and want to use all benefits of full membership you can buy “VIP Membership” after Trial is over. All tournaments and promotions are available at VIP level. It costs $19.95 monthly. But if you buy 3-month subscription or year subscription you can save money. 3-month VIP subscription costs only $ 53,58 (you save $6,27). One year VIP membership costs $179,40 (you save $60!). It is the best offer.


Q: So there are no cash bonuses… Am I right?
A: Yes, you are right. That’s because real money is not used for playing poker at WPT Club. You receive 2 Weeks of Trial access instead. That’s much better!

Q: Will I have to “clear” the bonus?
A: It’s a traditional practice of all poker rooms to make players “clear” extra money they receive. But you will not have to clear anything! You receive 2 weeks of free VIP access for free without any hidden terms!

Q: The offer is great! Are there any obligations?
A: No, you will not be forced to do anything. There are no obligations.