ClubWPT Tournament Points - Full Guide

Tournament Points are a very important part of ClubWPT. If you want to play poker games there and win money you should learn everything about TPs. This guide will tell you everything: what the points are, how to get them and how to spend. You will learn everything you need and will not ask for extra information.

What are Tournament Points?

As you know, ClubWPT is subscription based poker room. That means you are not required to make deposit in order to win real money. All you need is to purchase VIP status. Learn more about Membership Plans here. After you make a purchase you will receive Tournament Points. They are equivalent of cash. Traditional poker rooms require player to take money to the table and play. Player has to put his funds at risk. WPT Club doesn’t have any cash tables or buy-ins. TPs are used instead.

That’s one of the reasons why the Club is still legal in the United States. You will not find real money games here because players don’t have deposits. TPs are used for all buy-ins.

Where to Spend?

Tournament Points can’t be transferred to other player. Only you can use your balance. They can’t be sold or exchanged for cash because they have no cash value. They can be spent within ClubWPT only. You can use them as tournaments or SnGs buy-in or for playing casino games.

Note: there are two types of tournaments – play money and VIP. Play money tourneys don’t require TPs and don’t offer good prizes. Only VIP tourneys with valuable prizes require TPs.

How to Get?

Everything is pretty simple. You need to upgrade your account from Basic to VIP in order to receive Tournament Points. You will get 500 TPs by default after upgrading to VIP. 500 is the default threshold. If you play games and spend the points they will be automatically “topped up” the next day. That means you will have at least 500 TPs every day.

If you spend all the points too fast today, you will have until they will be “topped up”. So don’t worry if you see that you have no points at all. Just wait for some time and you will receive another portion. As you see it’s impossible to lose something when you are ClubWPT VIP member. You have the points and if you lose all of them you will be refunded. This is the most important advantage of the Club!

Please note, you will not be receiving 500 TPs every day. You balance will be refunded if it lowers below 500 threshold. If your balance is higher, you are in good shape and will not be receiving anything. But if your balance drops below this threshold you will be refunded.

Thus, you will have at least 500 points on your balance every day, but you can win more if you wish. There are tournaments where you can get the points as a prize. There is one reason to raise the balance: some tournaments may require more points than you currently have. For example there may be a great tournament with big prize pool, but the buy-in is 1000 TPs. You will not be able to participate in such tourney because you don’t have enough “funds”.

How to Raise Balance?

There is only one way: to play tourneys and win extra points. ClubWPT offers a lot of different tourneys where cash and TPs can be won. Participating in such tourneys is the only way to raise the balance.

To be honest, it’s very easy to win Tournament Points. For example there are small tournaments with 20TPs buy-in where 200 places are paid. The structure of payouts can be seen below:

1st 350 TPs + $10
2nd 300 TPs + $5
3rd 250 TPs + $5
4th 225 TPs
5th 200 TPs
6th 175 TPs
7th 150 TPs
8th 125 TPs
9th 100 TPs
10th 100 TPs
11th - 20th 75 TPs
21st - 30th 50 TPs
31st - 50th 45 TPs
51st - 100th 40 TPs
101st - 150th 35 TPs
151st 200th 30 TPs

Great news is that the number of participants is about 80-100 players in every tournament! That means you can just pay the buy-in and fold all the cards. You will get profit anyway. Of course it’s better to play and win the first place. You will get 350 TPs and $10 of cash reward.

Increasing Tournament Points balance is not a difficult task. ClubWPT gives a lot of different opportunities for this.

To save or to spend?

A lot of players ask about this. Everything depends on your final goal and your strategy. If you want to take part in really big tournament with high buy-in you shouldn’t save the points. Participating in small tournaments only will not reward you with enough TPs for reaching such a big goal. You will have to risk in order to collect enough points for big tournament.

Imagine you have just signed up as VIP and have only 500 on your balance. Your goal is Monthly $10 000 Guaranteed tournament with 2000 TPs buy in, but right now you don’t have enough “funds”. You will have to risk in order to progress faster and collect required sum. For example you can participate in 100 TP No Limit HoldEm Sit & Go tournament with 6 players. First place wins 500 TPs, second gets 300 TPs & third get 200 TPs. Your starting balance allows to play 5 SnGs with 100 buy-in. Sometimes you will lose, but if you have enough skills you will have progress.