ClubWPT Bonus Code, Download, Review

ClubWPT is one of the most famous subscription based poker rooms. Actually it’s the leader – there is no other subscription based poker websites where you can find such promotions and VIP offers. If you have never played there you missed a lot, but nothing stops you from joining this amazing room right now. Create new account and get chance to win a piece of $100 000 prize pool every month + a lot of other promotions!

Membership Bonuses

  • $100 000 in prizes every month! You can get a part of this amazing prize pool participating in special promotions for VIP members.
  • Tournaments with real money rewards are held every 15 minutes.
  • You get access to all materials of the website, including WPT Magazine, Bluff Magazine, Fight Magazine and different videos.
  • The Club is 100% legal in United States. You will be able to cash out all winnings easy.
  • Controlled and operated by famous poker brand World Poker Tour.

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Play Poker Games in the best place!

One of the greatest things is that ClubWPT is 100% legal in United States. As you probably know US legislation doesn’t allow US citizens to play cash poker. If you live in USA you can’t play at most of big websites like PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party Poker and so on. These rooms don’t accept US players.

But where do US residents play poker games? The answer is: at ClubWPT because it’s 100% legal for American players. You will meet a lot of US players at the tables. If you play at the Club you don’t break the law and your account there is absolutely legal.

No Risks!

ClubWPT is subscription based, meaning you pay fixed monthly fee in order to play. That’s great because traditional poker rooms with deposit system require players to spend their own money. Each player has to make a deposit to be able to win real money prizes. If you don’t have real money you can’t compete for good rewards.

The bad news is that average poker player loses his money. The game of poker requires a lot of knowledge and deposit system doesn’t allow to get these knowledge. You will most likely spend all your money before you start playing well. That’s the biggest obstacle.

In WPT Club you don’t need to put your money at risk. You pay fixed sum every month and get access to all amazing promotions including tournaments with real money prizes. Prize pools are really good and everybody has chance to win a lot.

It is a brilliant offer for new players without experience. We doubt that you will find a better place to start learning if you have never played before. Subscription system allows you to learn, paying fixed sum every month. You just pay fixed amount every month and don’t care about your deposit. It’s a risk free offer!


There are 2 types of membership: Basic and VIP. General difference between these two types is that Basic members can’t participate in tournaments with real money prizes and doesn’t have access to all ClubWPT offers. Any registered member receives Basic membership by default and can stay with this status. But real rewards can be won if you are VIP member. If you purchase subscription plan you automatically become VIP member. This status gives you access to ALL services and tournaments of ClubWPT. VIP member can participate in tourneys with real money prizes, access ALL materials and services of the poker room.

BUT! If you register right now you will get 2 weeks of FREE VIP access. This amazing offer gives you chance to play all available games and tournaments as if you were VIP member. You will not have to enter your credit card details, just register and get 2 weeks free trial.

Players and Countries

ClubWPT doesn’t accept players from all over the globe. Only 5 countries are allowed: USA, Australia, Canada, France and UK. You will meet a lot of US players at the tables and you will not see any language in chat box except English. All players can speak English language and this makes the game even more interesting.

Download is not Required!

PokerStars, Full Tilt and other websites will require you to download their client in order to play. That’s not very comfortable because you will have to install this software to all PCs where you want to play. But WPT Club doesn’t require player to download software. You can play poker right from your browser. All you need is to enter your Login and Password. This allows you to play your favorite games from any PC with browser and internet. You get more mobility and flexibility.

World Poker Tour

Have you ever heard about World Poker Tour (WPT)? It’s one of the most famous poker brands in the world. WPT holds a lot of live events and many professional players participate there. This famous brand stands behind ClubWPT. Club is their online poker “department”. What does it mean for players?

  • WPT brand is huge and famous, it has a lot of credibility and experience in poker industry.
  • The money you pay is safe there.
  • Promotions are very good and attractive.
  • You receive top notch services and customers support.

ClubWPT offers you to start your poker career in one of the best places. You don’t risk your funds and have access to amazing promotions and materials. It’s the best offer for US players because WPT club is 100% legal in USA. You can get 2 weeks of FREE trial access right now! Just register and claim your trial!