Best US Poker Sites

ClubWPT is one of the best poker rooms for US players, because it is 100% legal in America. That means you can play poker without any risks of sudden ban. You will be able to cash out your winnings any time without troubles. Your account will never be suspended because of your residence. Moreover, ClubWPT will always continue working and there are no any risks that it will be suddenly closed by government.

Current situation in poker world is not simple. Most of serious poker rooms don’t accept players from the United States. If US resident decides to make a deposit at Poker Stars, Full Tilt or Party, his deposit will be rejected. That’s because of US legislation that doesn’t allow US residents from some states to participate in real money games. It’s a big obstacle if you want to start your poker career.

If you live in USA you can participate in play-money games, but not in real money games. Some states allow their citizens participate in cash games, but the number of these states is low. So what’s the best option for US citizen if he wants to play hold’em and win real money prizes? The answer is: ClubWPT is what you are looking for.

ClubWPT is absolutely legal for players from the USA. It accepts players from most US states and they can play poker games there. Not just play but also win real money! The greatest thing is that this poker room accepts players from English speaking countries only. All your opponents will know English language and you will hardly see any other language in chat box.

Is ClubWPT the only?

No, ClubWPT is not the only room that accepts US players. There are several other poker rooms that don’t reject players from USA. For example you can start playing at Carbon Poker. This room also offers real money games. But is it 100% legal? We are afraid that it is not! So your money are always at risc of being frozen there.

Do you remember FullTilt poker? It was a very big poker room and one of the strongest competitor to Poker Stars. There was one very big difference between these 2 rooms: Poker stars didn’t accept players from the United States, while FTP opened doors for all guys from USA. But one day FBI suddenly shut down FullTilt. All money players had there was frozen and it was impossible to make a cash out. It was a very sad story and a lot of players suffered from such actions of FBI. But it was the fault of Full Tilt. They accepted US players while it was not allowed to do it.

It’s better to choose a poker room that is absolutely legal. ClubWPT is one of the best options not only because it is 100% legal, but also because it gives you chance to play poker games without taking big risks.

You can eliminate the risks by purchasing VIP status at ClubWPT. VIP status allows you to participate in big tourneys and promotions where real money can be won without paying buy-in. Every VIP member receives definite amount of special tournament pints. These points can be used as buy-in. As you see the scheme is pretty simple. If you want to find out more read article about role of Real Money. We also recommend to read other articles here in order to understand how the room works and how to maximize revenue.

As you see ClubWPT is a perfect place for players from the United States of America. You will hardly be able to find other poker room with such reputation and guarantees. If you live in the USA and want to start playing poker – welcome to ClubWPT. It is the best option for you. Just create a new account ad start playing. You don’t even need to download something! The lobby can be opened from web browser and all you need to play is to have stable internet connection and web browser.

There are a lot of other US players in ClubWPT. The room is full of other guys who wish to play poker games against you. Are you still doubt? Sign up now and receive 2 Weeks of Free Trial access!