ClubWPT Membership Plans - Basic, VIP, Trial

ClubWPT is a subscription based poker room. It is unusual for most of the players because there are no deposits; you pay fixed subscription fee instead. That’s why it’s important to know and understand differences between available membership plans. This article will tell you everything you need to know about different account levels at ClubWPT and about how to save money purchasing plans.

Basic Membership | Free for ALL!

"Basic" is the first available account status. Each account receives this status right after registration and confirmation. You become basic member almost immediately after signing-up.

“Basis” status doesn’t give a lot of privileges. You can access poker tables and join “play money” games. You can see WPT Club from inside and this status is enough for making decision about upgrading to a higher plan.

Basic ClubWPT membership gives you opportunity to get familiar with the poker room and try the games yourself. It’s the best option if you have never heard about the Club and want to try everything before spending money for VIP upgrade.

This membership is absolutely free. You will not be charged. Moreover, there are no time restrictions. You can stay with this plan for as long as you wish without any penalties and hidden fees. This allows you to test ClubWPT without spending a cent.

Though this plan is free, it has a lot of restrictions. The main and the most important is that you can’t take part in tournaments with real money prizes. You can’t win real money if you are Basic member. Some of the players may find this plan useless.

Is there a reason to stay with the lowest plan for a long time? Everything depends on your goals. If you don’t have ambitions, if you don’t want to win money and you like playing “Play Chips” – Basic plan is for you. If you want take part in serious games and want to win something valuable, you should upgrade your account to VIP level. It’s the only way to participate in serious poker games.

VIP Membership | Starting at $19.95/month

Vip Membership

VIP Membership gives you full access to all games and services of WPT Poker Club. It’s the best choice if you wish to play games with real money prizes. ClubWPT spends more than $100 000 for cash and other prizes monthly. VIP Membership allows to win a part of this huge prize pool.

Here is a list of the most valuable and important advantages of VIP account:

  • You can participate in tourneys with real money prizes and other rewards. The access is unlimited and you can take part in all tourneys without spending money.
  • Subscription fee covers everything. You just pay once and receive full access to all games and services.
  • You can watch Full Commercial-Free World Poker Tour Season Episodes Online.
  • You can read online version of WPT magazine.
  • You get access to special ClubWPT Savers Guide where you can find different discounts on various products.
  • All digital content is available. You can find different Ringtones, Wallpapers, Screensavers and Avatars
  • And many other interesting things.

Of course this is not for free. Every player who wishes to become VIP member has to pay special subscription fee. You pay this fee in the beginning of the period and DON’T spend extra money later. Once again, all you need to spend is a small sum of money in the beginning of the month (or any other period). You will not have to spend extra money. That’s amazing! You always know how much you spend to play poker games. You always know that you will not have to spend extra funds!

Saving Money (Discounts)

Price of VIP membership is low and you will not have to add extra funds while the subscription is active. That’s great, but do you know that you can save some money and pay less to maintain VIP status? All you need is to purchase several months of VIP subscription at a time.

If you purchase 1 month of VIP access you pay $24.95. That’s a perfect price taking in account that you get full access to all poker room offers. After 1 month is finished you have to pay subscription fee again in order to stay VIP. You will pay $24.95 again. But you can buy Quarter subscription right from the start and pay $22.95 per month. You can save even more if you purchase 1 year VIP membership: it will cost you $19.95 per month!

The best option will save you $60 per year! Isn’t this offer great?


Trial Period

To pay subscription fee to play poker is unusual for most players because it’s not how traditional poker sites operate. That’s why ClubWPT gives you 2 Weeks of FREE Trial access! This trial period allows to try all VIP bonuses absolutely free. After you accept the offer your basic account will be temporary upgraded to VIP. You will have 2 weeks to try all benefits of VIP membership.

After the trial period is over you will be asked to make a decision: to continue as VIP or to return to Basic. If you like to stay VIP you will be offered to by different subscription plans. As you see you will not be forced to purchase subscription after the trial is over. You will have the opportunity to return to Basic without any fees.

Free Trial is just a free opportunity to try VIP account without any obligations. To be honest, we don’t see any reasons to ignore such offer. There is no other poker room that allows to participate in real money games without paying anything!

Cancelling VIP Membership

Once you become VIP you have full access to all services of the poker room. But you can cancel your VIP subscription if you wish. Terms and conditions tell that you can do it at any time up to 5 days before the end of the current billing period. There are no any refunds for unused time. If you cancel the subscription you will not be billed for the next periods.

You need to contact ClubWPT support stuff in order to cancel. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Directly by the phone: (702) 430-9706, Monday through Saturday (1:00 PM ET - 3:00 AM ET).
  • By e-mail: Don’t forget to include your Username, First & Last Name, E-mail Address and Phone Number you are using in your account. The request will be processed within 48 hours of your request.

Once you cancel your ClubWPT VIP Membership your account will receive Basic status again. You will not be able to use your Tournament Points and participate in tournaments with real money prizes. But you can return your VIP status any time by purchasing subscription once again.