ClubWPT Rakeback

This article will tell you about why there is no rakeback at ClubWPT. Let’s start from basics. Rakeback is an extra reward poker player receives for playing in a certain room. Not every poker room offers such deals. For example ClubWPT doesn’t offer any rake back deals.

Why? Because players don’t pay rake there. Rake is a small sum of money taken by a poker room from every pot. It’s player’s fee to the room. Players pay rake in real money games only. But there are no real money (cash) games in ClubWPT and thus nobody pays rake. That’s why there are no any rakeback offers there.

For your information:

There are two types of rakeback: direct and indirect. Direct means that you receive a definite percent of rake you have paid. For example if poker room offers 35% deal you will receive 35% of the rake you have paid. It may look like 35% is a very small amount. But if you are serious poker player and play large number of hands you pay a lot of money to poker room. Isn’t it great to receive a percent of this money as extra reward? Most of the rooms will require to enter special bonus code for getting such deal.

Direct rakeback is a great bonus because it allows you to feel more comfortable. You know that you will get extra cash in the end of the month. The greatest thing is that doesn’t matter how much money you win. You will get extra money anyway. You will receive a part of the paid rake even if you lose money.


  • Regular Payments

Indirect rakeback means that player receives his extra reward as different bonuses and promotions. You don’t get real money every week. You receive opportunity to participate in different promotions like 100% deposit bonus, freerolls, special tournaments or VIP system.

Most of the poker rooms offer indirect rakeback. That’s because this system allows to offer much more interesting promotions. Poker room has money for this. If the room pays direct rakeback he has nothing to offer and thus the room becomes less attractive for poker crowd.


  • More interesting to play
  • The best offers can reach up to 50% return

Poker rooms prefer to pay indirect rakeback because it allows to save money. That’s because not all players use different bonuses and participate in special promotions. Many of the players just play poker games and don’t know about other opportunities. They don’t participate in VIP and Loyalty programs.

As you see receiving a part of the rake is a very important part of your poker strategy. But unfortunately ClubWPT doesn’t offer rakeback. It’s sad but on the other hand ClubWPT offers a lot of other benefits. The most important is that you can play poker without spending a lot of money. It’s much more important than different bonuses.

Beginners and new players should focus on how to survive. It’s one of the most important tasks and ClubWPT will help you to begin your poker career without big risks. It’s the best place for starting poker career.

ClubWPT also offers a lot of different promotions for all VIP members. As you see, this poker room is rather good for most of average players. No risks + great promotions = one of the best deals ever.