ClubWPT Real Money - Deposits, Games, Prizes

Every poker player wants to earn something from playing his favorite card games. This article contains everything you need to know about Real Money at ClubWPT. Can you win cash prizes at ClubWPT? What’s the difference from other poker rooms? How to cash out and take your winnings? And a lot of other information.


That’s the first important feature of ClubWPT – you don’t need to deposit your money. Sounds strange, right? You need to pay fixed sum on a regular basis instead. This is called “subscription”. There are different subscription plans and the shortest starts from 1 month. Every subscriber gets unlimited access to poker games. That’s the biggest difference from other poker rooms. This difference affects the whole cash flows within the room.

Real Money Prizes

When people see that WPT Club is subscription based poker room they start thinking that it’s impossible to win something valuable there. That’s a big mistake! You can win a lot of great prizes! All you need is to become VIP member. VIP membership means that you need to purchase subscription, but the fee is really low compared to the prizes you are able to win. That’s fair; you spend something in order to receive a chance to win much more. That’s poker guys!

All VIP members receive exclusive access to special tournaments where real money can be won! If you win the money you just take them and make cash out. Everything is simple! ClubWPT spends more than $100 000 in cash and other prizes every month. You can win a part of this amazing prize pool.

Poker games with cash prizes are held regularly. Don’t forget that there are many other interesting games including Roulette, Black Jack, Craps and so on. There are many opportunities to have fun and win some cash!

The image below shows schedule of the largest and most important upcoming tournaments and the list of winners who earned valuable prizes in past.

Tourneys and Winners

Prize Pools

One of the most important things at ClubWPT is that prize pools of the tournaments are formed not from buy-ins of players. They are formed from the subscription fees. Such system guarantees that you will have access to the tables every day. You don’t need to deposit money and pay buy-ins. You receive Tournament points and spend the points. If you are out of the points they will be automatically recovered and you will be able to continue playing.


Of course if you compare traditional poker room like FullTilt with WPT Club you will see that the latter gives fewer opportunities for winning real money. But don’t forget about risks. If you play at FullTilt you have to deposit your own money and put them at risk every time you play. If you lose all your money you will have to deposit again in order to continue playing. Hwo knows how much you will have to spend? The risks are very high. If you are out of money you are out of the game!

When you play at ClubWPT you don’t risk your deposit at all! Moreover, you don’t deposit money!!! You just pay fixes monthly subscription and receive special Tournament points every day. You are free to spend the points for playing any poker game including Texas Hold’em, Roulette and so on. You don’t risk your money and can play poker games for a long time until your subscription ends. You can be sure that you will have access to the games any time you want!

This difference is very important. FullTilt gets benefits from deposits of players. The more money players deposit, the more rake the room will be able to take. Such poker rooms stimulate players to play and deposit more and more. That's why they offer different promotions like 100% deposit bonus and so on.

ClubWPT doesn’t require any deposits. You just pay fixed amount of money every month in order to get access to the games with real money prizes. You don’t risk your funds but receive amazing chance to win some cash.

That’s your best opportunity to survive, especially if you are new poker player!

Statistics tells that most of new players lose all their money fast if they play at rooms with deposit system. It’s not a surprise. There is only one way to win money in poker – take it from your opponent. How a new player can take someone’s money if he knows nothing about the game? A new player must learn how to play first. And the price of this education can be very high if you play at traditional rooms.

Join WPT Club now and save your money. You will have time for learning the game. If you purchase 3 months of subscription you will have access to poker tables every day during this period. You will not be knocked out because you don’t have “cash” to continue. You will be able to play and win for a long period of time.

Cash Outs

You can cash out your winnings any time. You don’t need to worry about keeping your account balance high because you don’t have one ) Cash out process is easy and fast. If you have difficulties you can always ask customers support.

As you see ClubWPT has several great advantages over traditional poker rooms. The most important is that it gives you an opportunity to win real money prizes without risking your own funds. It is the best poker room where you can enjoy your favorite games and win a lot of cash and other valuable prizes! If you don’t believe, try it yourself. Create a new account now and get 2 Weeks Free Trial!